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Pet Surgery in Carrollton, Texas

The doctors at Josey Ranch Pet Hospital in Carrollton, Texas, are trained to perform a large range of surgical procedures for our patients, as well as specializing in radiology, diagnostic ultrasounds, and canine reproduction.


We offer routine spay and neuter service, as well as ophthalmic, reproductive, soft tissue and other surgical procedures. Our surgical suite is equipped with state-of-the-art surgical and anesthetic monitoring equipment, and the newest medicines for anesthesia and pain management.
Through use of updated equipment, proper medication, and monitoring, we are able to better care for your pets. Most of our orthopedic and neurosurgical cases are referred to our local specialists at the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center. If you have questions regarding any surgical procedure for your companion, please discuss them with our staff or doctors.

Radiology & Diagnostic Ultrasounds

Radiographs and X-rays are an important diagnostic tool in the treatment of your pet. We perform routine radiographs as well as special contrast studies for our patients.
Combining blood results, radiographs, and complete physical examinations allows the doctors at our clinic to better assimilate information about your pet's condition.
We also offer OFA certification radiographs for elbow and hip dysplasia.

Canine Reproduction

Josey Ranch Pet Hospital is fully equipped to offer a full range of services in canine reproduction. Advances in technology now enable us to breed dogs from any 2 parts of the world.
Dr. Kirk Esmond has complete training in this cutting edge technology and he can provide assistance with canine ovulation timing, semen evaluation, artificial and chilled semen insemination, frozen semen implants and canine semen freezing and storage.
We are a certified Synbiotics Freeze Center, 1 of only 3 in the state of Texas.
Purebred Litters
We have collected and frozen semen from more than 60 stud dogs and have successfully performed uterine implants with frozen semen.

The use of fresh-chilled semen, both in-house and by shipping semen to other states, has produced numerous litters.

Over the years Dr. Esmond has established a vast clientele active in the breeding and exhibiting of purebred dogs.

We are proud to offer these specialized services to the breeding community.

Contact us today for more information on the finest animal surgical care, diagnostic medicine, and canine reproduction services.